Circumstance Distillery Barley Spirit 2:17:1:1:11 43% ABV

circumstance barley spirit
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A combination of fermentation numbers 2,5, and 8. Used for the release of Mixed Grain 3- a unique blend for The Hideout. Distillation in stainless steel pot still with copper head and a 4 plate copper column. Charred British Oak spindle and first fill American Oak cask for 11 months.

Circumstance Distillery


We have a very light gold coloured spirit here, with medium thick swirl line and thick legs.


Initially the traditional unpeated barley new make spirit aromas are here, and if i recall correctly there are 5 different barley strains in here, one of which is chocolate malt, and that really does come across.

I found it to be chocolate coated strawberries, then a nuttiness comes through. A smokiness also lingers, and i’m finding toasted tea cakes.


The chocolate really comes through on the palate, chocolate coated raisins, then mocha, cough candy, and hazelnuts, it has a lovely mouthfeel and is quite spicy too.


On first sipping this spirit it was all fruity new make spirit, which i do love, them all of a sudden a tsunami of spiciness and a touch of bitterness muscle in. Medium in length.

My thoughts

As whisk(e)y drinkers we are well aware of barley, and what can be created with it. There are a few distilleries out there that do interesting things with it, and this is certainly one of them, this is the stuff that excites me very much. This spirit is approx 11 months old, and is showing wonderful characteristics already, all from the first fill american oak casks and charred British oak spindles, a sign of good things to come from the Circumstance distillery. Their inaugural release will be in September this year and bottles are expected to be around £55, quite reasonable compared to many these days.

The Circumstance distillery website can be found here, and their Still in cask programme here. The distillery, New dram drinker, Mrs_NDD and indeed us can be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

This spirit was tasted as part of a set of spirits from the Circumstance distillery hosted on a live session by Anthony and Nicky of @newdramdrinker Youtube fame for their CO’s on the 23rd of January 2022.

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