Circumstance Distillery Mixed Grain Spirit 3:17:1:14:17 45.5% ABV

circumstance mixed grain
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A special release, blended with the team from The Hideout, Bath. A blend of Rye, Corn and Rice make for a sweet rich spirit with funky umami notes and a long floral finish.

Circumstance Distillery


This spirit is more medium gold in colour, it has a medium thick swirl line that creates an all over film and eventually thick legs.


A dustiness opens the nose, then sweet red berries, linseed, sweet tropical fruits, vanilla, toffee, and i’m definitely finding the Rye element.


First thing is a lovely mouthfeel, quite syrupy, then we’re into fruits, red berries initially but we soon find ourselves tasting dates, figs, and guava. At this stage it is becoming quite spicy, and i’m getting tobacco leaves. Just before it movers onto the finish icing sugar floats through.


The finish is quite long, and the spicy, to the point of being chest warming. Cigar leaves, black peppercorns and espresso see the finish out.

My thoughts

It’s fair to say that mixed grain spirits really intrigue me, i love smelling and tasting spirit made from different grains, but mixing them together can produce endless finished spirit, and this one is lovely, iv’e thoroughly enjoyed sampling it.

The Circumstance distillery website can be found here, and their Still in cask programme here. The distillery, New dram drinker, Mrs_NDD and indeed us can be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

This spirit was tasted as part of a set of spirits from the Circumstance distillery hosted on a live session by Anthony and Nicky of @newdramdrinker Youtube fame for their CO’s on the 23rd of January 2022.

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