Circumstance Distillery Rice Spirit 1:8:1:8:21 44.5% ABV

circumstance rice spirit
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70% crushed rice, 30% malted barley fermented for 14 days on British ale, mead, and distillers yeast. Distillation in stainless steel pot still with copper head and 4 plate copper column. Charred British Oak spindle for 21 months.

Circumstance Distillery


We have a very light coloured spirit, that has a medium thick swirl line and medium to thick legs.


Liquorice leads the way here, royal icing sweetness follows it, black cherries, wood wax, and quite a lot of wood itself from the Oak spindle pile in. The last flourish for me is quite floral with sweet perfume.


First flavour i get is kids liquorice torpedo sweets, that sweet/bitter combo. A white wine note comes across briefly, followed by lemon curd and lemon puff biscuits along with apricot pastries.


The finish is sugar coated lemon jelly sweets, dried apricot slices and white pepper.

My thoughts

I was really looking forward to trying this rice spirit, and it didn’t disappoint me, in fact it was better that i could have expected, a real sweet meets spice battle. At around 21 months of age it already offers loads, and it’s available here for £36!

The Circumstance distillery website can be found here, and their Still in cask programme here. The distillery, New dram drinker, Mrs_NDD and indeed us can be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

This spirit was tasted as part of a set of spirits from the Circumstance distillery hosted on a live session by Anthony and Nicky of @newdramdrinker Youtube fame for their CO’s on the 23rd of January 2022.

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