Cotswolds Handfill PX Cask 205 60.5% ABV

Cotswolds handfill px cask

Kindly supplied by @WhiskyShared for our tasting following his visit to the distillery. For the full rundown of his visit take a look at his YouTube video below.

Appearance: Lager orange, slow-forming medium legs and thin erratic swirl mark. It does look very inviting!

Nose: This is a different beast from the others. The nose is far more ‘raw’. Obvious higher ABV, rabbit hutch (a first for me and, oddly, not a negative!), dying embers, earthy woodland notes.
The sweeter side develops slowly as the glass matures. Dark berries and that stewed fruit note start to come through slowly, as does vanilla custard and strawberry yoghurt.

Palate: Lovely mouthfeel. Spice forward initially, with a tart, almost metallic tinge. Then the stewed dark fruits and berries kick in and the world is good again!
The blackberry infused custard is back, this time it’s sprinkled with white pepper too! The palate carries the ABV well, although you can sense it’s up there, it’s deceptive as to just how high it is.
Dangerously drinkable!

Finish: Plenty of blackberry and pepper. Not drying like the other expressions though. Medium to long.

Overall: I’ve yet to taste a whisky from these guys that I didn’t immediately love, this is no exception. It’s possibly my closest distillery and I’m tempted to shoot over there this weekend for a bottle of my own!

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