Cotswolds Reserve 50% ABV

Cotswolds Reserve whisky

£54.95. Released in small batches using 100% locally grown, floor-malted barley. Using first-fill ex-Bourbon & STR ex-red wine casks. NCF & NC.
Once fully matured, the casks are disgorged before blending and bottling the #whisky by hand at the distillery at a ratio of 80:20 – 80% Bourbon and 20% STR & bottled at 50% ABV

  • Malt: 100% locally grown, traditionally floor malted barley from the Cotswolds.
  • Yeast: Two complementary varieties – Anchor and Fermentis
  • Water: Village water supply – filtered, softened and demineralised before use.
  • Wood: Premium first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels and STR (Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred) American oak ex-red wine casks

Appearance: Quite light, white wine. Viscous coating when swirled, decent tide mark and sporadic medium legs.

Nose: Immediate rich berry sweetness and depth, vanilla and honey, a touch of barley and eucalyptus and stewed apples.
As has become what I associate with Cotswolds whisky, it’s got a decent ABV. There’s no lacking in aroma or flavour. It’s a ‘here it is, like it or not’ whisky and that’s great with me!
The nose on this reminds me of when a fruit pie mixes with custard and infuses the flavours. Getting the wave of sweet spices now. Nicely balancing the sweetness.

Palate: My first reaction is to the luxurious mouthfeel, like melted butter. Then that lovely balance of berry sweetness at spice, with a touch of
cigar leaf. Very slightly drying and a subtle green apple sharpness. I’d say that the palate is spicier than the nose would suggest, but that’s nothing new and is often the case (for me at least!).
You can pick up that new-make berry sweet rawness and a slight heat.

Finish: Drying and lingering sweet spices. New-make berry and green apple lightly dusted with black pepper and cinnamon.

Overall: This is bang on my flavour profile. I love the higher ABV, the sweetness and the accompanying spices to balance it all out. The buttery mouthfeel simply rounds it all off. Banger!

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