Cotswolds Sherry Cask 57.4% ABV

cotswolds sherry cask
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A deeper gold colour this time, initially a medium thick swirl line that breaks up immediately. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Deeper, richer, and more powerful. The evergreen boughs are still here, it’s a little dusty, eucalyptus, wood shavings, cranberries, blackcurrants again, dandelion and burdock, flat cola, and slowly Sherry laden dark fruits #TheWhiskeyChaps


Spicy but chest warming more that face slapping. Fisherman’s friends, aniseed, cough candy, bitter lemon, cigar leaves, rich dark fruits, cloves, dates, figs, cherryade, a super palate to be honest. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Long side of medium for me, and consistently spicy all the way through. Ginger root, cardamom, perhaps a touch of salt on the top of the tongue, vanilla, cinnamon, espresso, chillis, and blackcurrants. #TheWhiskeyChaps

My thoughts

I have to agree with @whiskeychap where this whisky is concerned, it offers so much flavour, it has lots of depth, is lovely and rich and well balanced. We found it a joy to drink, its a great sipper and a great one to savour and really get into.

Thanks to Toby – @WhiskyShared for joining us on this tasting. Toby’s Youtube channel can be found here, if you don’t currently follow him there please do, he does great reviews, and he can be followed on Twitter using the button below, as can the Cotswolds distillery and indeed us too.

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