Crabbies Yardhead 40% ABV

crabbies yardhead

A no-age-statement single malt from an undisclosed distillery bottled by Crabbie’s and named after the company’s old home in Leith, Edinburgh. This is a single malt designed for mixing.

Appearance: Apple juice/white dessert wine. Lots of medium trails, a medium-thick tide mark and a few teardrops. The film is sticky and semi-viscous.

Nose: Vanilla-forward with no real ethanol to speak of. Mixed nuts, big caramel/toffee apple notes and sugary fruit crumble.

Palate: Not a bad mouthfeel, a little oily. A subtle black pepper tingle along with the elements from the nose. There’s a little blood orange/gentle lemon bitterness too.

Finish: The vanilla, caramel and apple all last longer than I expected. Black pepper tingles along in the background too.

Overall: Yep, it’s a sweet inoffensive mixer and it does it very well. That’s about all.

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