Craigellachie 10yo 2011 60.1% ABV (A.D.Rattray)

craigellachie 10yo a.d.rattray

Distillery Region-Speyside, Date Bottled-30.06.2022, Cask Type-Bourbon Barrel, No. of Bottles-227, Cask Number-800739, Age-10 Years Old, Date Distilled-21.11.2011, Strength-60.1% alc./vol.


Very light gold in colour, it has a nice thick swirl line, with an all over film with slow thin legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Definitely coming across lower than the actual abv, and I’m getting toffee/fudge, we’ll toasted bread, with marmite, and slowly a fruitiness is coming, it’s all rather light at the moment. #thewhiskeychaps

The sweetness with a dustiness comes through stronger eventually for me. Blackcurrant jam, greengages, lime cordial? Then it develops into tree bark, with earthiness ana damp leaf litter, quite the chameleon. #thewhiskeychaps

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Nice mouthfeel, and instant arrival, much stronger than the nose was. It’s spicy, with white pepper and cinnamon, mineral water, those sweet lemon slice jelly sweets, guava, quite citrusy in general. Lemon bon bons, then wood wax. #thewhiskeychaps


Long side of medium again for me, both sweetness and spices linger nicely, bringing flat cola, and dandelion and burdock, cigar leaves and some dunnage. #thewhiskeychaps


My thoughts

After checking my rather nerdy whiskies tasted spreadsheet, it turns out that this is only the fourth Craigellachie whisky i have ever tasted, i knew it wasn’t many. It has been a little while since the last one i tasted, so i really had no idea what to expect, but this experience was very positive to be honest. I found the nose and palate both interesting and enjoyable, and for the abv it is very easily drinking.

At £65 a bottle i think it’s good value, and a very nice whisky, i would certainly enjoy a bottle, and i know it would go quite quickly too.

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