A.D.Rattray Craigellachie 2011 60.1% ABV

AD RAttray Craigallachie 2011

This 10yo was distilled: 21.11.2011 & bottled at CS: 30.06.2022 with an outrun of 227 bottles, NCF & NC

Appearance: White dessert wine/light old gold. A medium-thick swirl line forms, with some sporadic teardrops. After a while, the tide mark becomes beaded. A few medium/thick legs form eventually.

Nose: Nice a sweet, carrying the ABv effortlessly. Lots of confectionary sugar and orchard fruits. There are also Fruit Salad sweets and faint Black Jack sweets too. Flying Saucer sweets after a while too. A subtle citrus acidic note swirls around too, not breaking through the sweetness, but adding another layer.

Palate: Oh, that’s a lovely first sip. Oozy mouthfeel, a good balance of sweetness and spice and a slight ash element too, wasn’t ready for that one. Black pepper, red berries and pear now, the confectionary quality seems to evade the first sip though. Orchard fruits are on the palate too, particularly apple now, but still ashy.

Finish: Orchard fruits and that ash note. Not particularly long, and dies off quite quickly. The last element is a peppered sweetness with nice balance, very moreish.

Overall: Another very nice dram from these guys. It carries the ABV dangerously well and is full of well-balanced sweetness and light spices. Great stuff.

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