Cu Bocan Bourbon cask 46% ABV

cu bocan bourbon cask
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You’ve seen the Cù Bòcan Sherry Cask. You’ve seen the Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak Cask. Now it’s the turn of the Cù Bòcan Bourbon Cask! Yummy lightly peated single malt from the Tomatin distillery, showing off the influence the bourbon casks have on the Cù Bòcan.

Just 6,000 bottles were produced.

Master of Malt


Very light In colour, straw or white wine would describe it well. A nice thick swirl line again, but slower thicker legs this time. #thewhiskeychaps


First aroma I get are those little lemon shaped sugar coated jelly sweets, and I love them, there’s a hint of perfume in it too, seared pineapple, I’m thinking rose water too, mineral water, and flapjack. #thewhiskeychaps


Again decent mouthfeel, not oily as such but not watery either. I love an ex bourbon cask dram, and I’m liking this one. Spicy. Yes bitter lemon, grapefruit/pomelo, then heavier notes for me, black liquorice, dates, mocha. #thewhiskeychaps

High cocoa content dark chocolate, pontefract cakes, and it’s reminding me of Hazelburn, which I adore. #thewhiskeychaps


Medium long, red berries pushing in now, raspberry ripple, red berry strudel, mouthfeel continues to thicken, very nice indeed, and I’d 100% have a bottle. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

I have to say straight out that i enjoyed this whisky, and it reminded me of the Hazelburn 10yr old, and the same strength, and i love the Hazelburn 10yr old. They both brought me flavours iv’e not really come across elsewhere else. I’d definitely have a bottle in my whiskey cupboard 🥰.

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