Cù Bòcan Creation #3 46% ABV

Cu nBocan #3
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Cù Bòcan Creation #3  matured in Moroccan Cabernet Sauvignon + North American Rye Casks, The tastes and smells of a Moroccan Souk are brought to life with the exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon casks. This whisky is NCF, NC, NAS, 46% ABV, 700ml.

cu bocan


I’m going with mid gold and an orange hue, it has a nice thick swirl line and syrupy thick legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Yes a full and rich nose, red apple skins and strawberries, some of that hot mash potato note I get and love, cereals and pastries, jam tarts or strudel, and there’s also a little foresty feel here too. #thewhiskeychaps

There’s definitely some evergreen bough aromas in here, with cherry syrup, hints of bourbon-ish aromas for me too. #thewhiskeychaps


We’ll, I’d heard good things about this dram, and it was right, loads of red berries, and spicy, reminds me of another great whisky tbh. It has a lovely syrupy mouthfeel too. I’d say cranberries too. #thewhiskeychaps

The wood is slowly coming through, and I’m thinking red liquorice, cardamom, cinnamon, root ginger, and cherryade with aniseed cough candy #thewhiskeychaps


Long side of medium in length, and the spices are still here, and developing into more of a grapefruit, blood orange, milky coffee, royal icing, and a little drying. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

Even though i try to stay as neutral as possible when i’m approaching a new whisky with the thought of reviewing it, this one came with some good reports, and they were spot on. This is such a fruity and spicy whisky that is instantly unloading flavours onto the palate, and brought a rather wide smile to my face. It does remind me of a range of whiskies from a distillery on Islay, which i happen to really enjoy too.

I’d very happily have a bottler of this, and i suspect it wouldn’t last too long either. If anyone reading this review hasn’t tasted anything from Cù Bòcan, i’d suggest they do, they might find them to be as good as iv’e found them, hidden gems at the moment.

A big thank you goes out to Ben – @WhiskyWithMolly for joining me on the Cù Bòcan tasting that this bottle was a part of, and for the use of his tweets from the tasting. Ben can be followed on Twitter using the button below, as can we.

Thanks also to Cù Bòcan for popping up on the evening and sending us information concerning the their whisky, from the Tomatin distillery, Twitter follow buttons are below for them also.

Bottle image: Royal Mile Whiskies.

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