Cù Bòcan Creation 3 46% ABV


Moroccan Cabernet Sauvignon and North American Rye Casks. Non-chill filtered, natural colour, non-age statement.

Appearance: Bulmer’s cider orange copper. Many quick forming medium legs and a beaded swirl mark with some teardrops.

Nose: This is one of those whisky’s that you can smell has been poured and is sitting, waiting for you, as soon as you enter the room.
After a lovely gentle wave of alcohol, there’s a mixture of beautiful honeyed fruits and peppery rye spices. There’s also a lovely subtle sweet smoke, like a BBQ brisket slow cooking over hot coals. The contrasting aromas marry very well indeed, think peppered grilled strawberries. It’s an absolute banger of a nose!

Palate: There’s a pleasant buttery mouthfeel. Nice warmth from both the alcohol and the imparted rye cask spices. The fruit notes are not far behind, grilled pineapple and raspberries now, slight ash along with a twang of blood orange bitterness.
The palate, for me, could be a couple of ABV % higher. There’s an ever-so-slight diluted flavour/sensation that, although not off-putting, leaves me wanting a touch more depth and jamminess.
As the glass matures the spicy side of the dram increases and tingles on the tongue. It’s a welcome progression from the fruity start to the palate.

Finish: medium to long. Fresh cracked black pepper, blood orange and strawberries with cream.

Overall: It’s an absolute cracker of a dram.
If I had to offer any critique it would be that I would like to try it at cask strength, or even just a few % higher, to bring those deeper jammy fruit notes and slightly more intense spices forward.

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