Cù Bòcan Creation #4 46% ABV

cu bocan creation #4
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Cù Bòcan Creation #4, is a nod to The Antrim Cocktail, marrying two of Europe’s most revered drinks, Port and Cognac. This whisky is NCF, NC, NAS, 700ml, 46% ABV.

cu bocan


Mid gold in colour, again with a lovely thick swirl line and very slow thick legs and teardrops. #thewhiskeychaps


That hot mashed potato is here again for me, and at the moment it’s more wood forward. Atm I’m getting wood varnish, and slowly fruits are coming too. I also get a faint menthol on this one, and definitely darker fruits. #thewhiskeychaps

Wood wax, the evergreen boughs are here too, and a botanical note, like gin botanicals. I think this one needs more time in the glass. #thewhiskeychaps


Again this has a super viscous mouthfeel, it’s also spicy too. This one is also very fruity, the darker fruits are here, figs, dates, and raisins, soaked in sherry like flavours, and it’s leading into dark chocolate. #thewhiskeychaps

The need to wait for the nose is so different to the palate, the flavours are accessible straight away, no messing about here. And it’s becoming fruitier all the time, definitely strawberry jam now, kind of new make red berry’s. #thewhiskeychaps


Quite long, and a lovely mix of sweet and spicy at this point. It’s definitely chest warming, then strawberry jam iced sponge cake, then it’s Black Forest gateaux. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

I was very keen to try this one to be honest as i like both cask types, and wanted to see how well they worked together. Well, they worked very well together, the nose takes some time to open up i found, but it’s a lovely journey, whereas the palate is straight in with the flavours. And this bottling offers bags of fruit and spice.

Yes another cracking whisky from Cù Bòcan, it’s different to their Creation #3, but of the same wonderful quality, it’s a bottle i’d definitely have i my whisky cupboard.

A big thank you goes out to Ben – @WhiskyWithMolly for joining me on the Cù Bòcan tasting that this bottle was a part of, and for the use of his tweets from the tasting. Ben can be followed on Twitter using the button below, as can we.

Thanks also to Cù Bòcan for popping up on the evening and sending us information concerning the their whisky, from the Tomatin distillery, Twitter follow buttons are below for them also.

Bottle image: Royal Mile Whiskies.

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