Cù Bòcan Creation #5 46% ABV


The first Single Malt Scotch to be matured in Andean Oak casks. Andean oak comes from the Andes Mountains at an altitude of between 3500-4000 metres. Andean oak is found in cold tropical climates, areas with extreme humidity and wild forests, sustainably logged high in the Cordillera region. Creation #5 was distilled in December 2011 & initially matured in refill American oak hogsheads before being filled into Andean Oak casks in June 2021. A little over a year later the whisky was removed from the cask.

Appearance: Slightly diluted pinkish bronze/almost Rose wine. A decent swirl line quickly forms with a fair few teardrops. Many medium trails seep towards the surface through a viscous film.

Nose: A nice balance of ethanol that doesn’t overpower and allows the aromas forward from the first sniff. Wet bark, leaves and general forest aromas hit first, together with berry sweetness and a touch of copper coin. There is also a fresh springwater aroma that I sometimes get. Not diluted but more of an outdoors/nature element.
A richer, more concentrated berry sauce-type scent forms with time, along with a subtle smoke, which I can barely notice if I’m honest.
It’s a very pleasant and friendly nose.

Palate: Not a particularly viscous mouthfeel, slightly thin. Some melted butter, black pepper, honey and a touch of drying on the first sip. The second sip reveals a richer flavour profile with those berries, particularly blackberries, cinnamon, roasted nuts and wood notes. A faint liquorice flavour morphs in and out of the palate, along with Fruit Salad sweets.
It tastes quite ‘raw’ and a little rough around the edges if I’m honest. I don’t dislike it in any way but feel there’s something not quite right.

Finish: The black pepper, drying and a little of the blackberry linger for a medium amount of time. A slight ‘creamery’ element underpins the other flavours and adds a certain amount of balance to the spice.

Overall: As an experimental whisky there will inevitably be misses as well as hits. Cu Bocan has definitely hit 4 times in a row in my opinion but this one isn’t to my tastes. It’s not unpleasant in any way, just a touch unrefined and, for me, there’s something missing. It might be that a bottle will tell a different story as it’s consumed.

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