Currach Irish Single malt Whiskey, 46% ABV.

currach irish single malt whiskey

Using the finest of Irish malted barley, our contemporary single malt whiskey is triple distilled before being aged in ex-bourbon casks. We then finish our whiskey for three months in unique American virgin oak casks which we have charred using Irish seaweed as our fuel source. It’s this perfect union of the Irish land and sea that creates a rich multi-layered whiskey with a delicate umami character.

Appearance – This whiskey is Amber in colour, very viscous on the glass and has thick legs.

Nose – Theres a lovely smoke, salinity, sweetness too with vanilla and toffee, definitely a salted caramel vibe for me. The nose is so new, so fresh and exciting, it sweetens with time too, which I love. Yep, a very unique nose, surprisingly smoky straight away.

Palate – It has a lovely mouthfeel, and the smoke isn’t as strong as on the nose, there’s loverly sweetness from red berries, little a jam. Definite some spice, white pepper is a great shout, there’s also a herbaceous note here too, I’m presuming that’s from the seaweed charring.

Finish – The finish is medium in length for me, the smoke continues, there’s some oak too, and it’s herbaceous to the end.

My thoughts – This was the first Whiskey we “tasted”, and we wanted to try it as it was so different, and we were not let down, it’s a super whiskey in my humble opinion.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes, it’s a no brainer for me, I absolutely love it, quite different for the usual Irish whiskey, and in this case that’s what makes it so good.

Notes – I believe this bottle is non chill filtered and natural in colour.

Thanks to – Stephen Randles (Twitter).

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