Currach Single Malt Atlantic Kombu CS Founders Cask 60% ABV

Currach Atlantic Kombu Founders

Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey is the first to be finished in Atlantic kombu seaweed charred casks. To celebrate this unique creation, Origin Spirits decided to release a ‘Founders’ Single Cask of 220 hand-filled and hand-numbered bottles at Cask Strength (60 % alc./vol.). These bottles have been drawn from the very first cask used to explore the idea of enriching a single-malt Irish Whiskey.

Appearance: Amber, an erratic tide mark, made up of large droplets and teardrops. Many thick sticky trails form quickly and cling to the glass for ages. A pleasingly thick and oozy film coats the inside of the glass.

Nose: A reassuringly big hit (but not so intense that it’s unpleasant) of ethanol from that 60%. Honey cereals, smokey coastal aromas, like smouldering mooring rope and a lovely sweet vegetal note from the Kombu.
The alcohol doesn’t dissipate on the nose with each sniff, but it does become more complimentary to the many aromas.
Denim and subtle varnished oak appear after a time. As the dram matures further, the sweeter elements become more obvious, which is a nice evolution.
The balance between the ABV, sweet, coastal and vegetal notes is very well struck. For 60% it is sympathetic to continual nosing.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel and big, predominantly spicy (white pepper and medium chilli tingle), but also with a sweet edge, blast of flavour upon the first sip.
The second sip reveals the sweet and more vegetal elements including honey, cereals, cinnamon, a slight blood-orange bitterness and an oaky drying effect. There’s also a faint astringency that, although not overly off-putting, I could do without.
The seaweed element is now more syrupy & salty compared to the nose. It interlaces with the other flavours beautifully and is very drinkable, the abv continues to offer spice and chilli, but they now hum along in the background, rather than dominate.

Finish: Medium to long. Hot aniseed (Fireballs for the 90’s kids), chilli and black pepper along with honey, vanilla and slightly smokey coastal notes. The final flavours are the sweeter ones, inviting you back for another sip, or three. Very moreish

Overall: It’s very very good. The experiment with the seaweed casks has definitely paid off and bottling it at CS simply captures that success in its raw form. VERY nice!
Although these Founders Cask bottles are hard to find, I would highly recommend the standard-release bottles from Currach. They’re unique and very drinkable!

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