Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey – Atlantic Wakame Seaweed Cask 46% ABV.

Currach irish whiskey

Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey is a true innovation in the world of whiskey and the first to be finished in seaweed charred casks. Currach’s first expression was made with Irish Atlantic Kombu Kelp seaweed, a brown seaweed varietal, launched in March 2020 and is now sold in over 20 international markets worldwide. 

After the success of its initial Atlantic Kombu release, Origin Spirits is delighted to release its second whiskey expression. Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey – Atlantic Wakame Seaweed Cask. 

The same process is used to create both expressions, the only variance being the seaweed used to char the individual casks. The flavours from both products are starkly different, yet share the same single malt DNA while having distinctive sweet, savoury and maritime qualities of their own. This shows the incredible diversity of Ireland’s maritime terroir, and how this influences our single malt whiskey.

Origin Spirits Ireland Ltd


Mid gold in colour, with a bronze tint perhaps, it has a nice thick swirl line, and slow medium thick legs. #CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps


Currach Wakame Nose – Smelling it from the bottle the seaweed was quite evident, now its sat in a glass for a while it’s lightened up a fair bit. #CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps

There is definitely a marine edge to this, with savoury pastry, rich tea biscuits, a menthol note, and a dusting if caster sugar. #CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps

Breakfast cereals, grapefruit, and the marine notes are consistent so far, and a slight perfume note is there too. #CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps


Nice mouthfeel, and spicier than i expected, white and black pepper, chilli’s, dark chocolate. As my palate calms there is Ginger, cinnamon, nice oak notes. #CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps

Wood wax, bitter lemon, pomegranate, blood oranges, pomello, and the seaweed is coming through now, the spiciness continues all the way through too. #CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps

Heading towards the finish i’m getting some peanut flavours, with vanilla crown pastries. #CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps


The main finish is long side of medium for me, and it does linger before it goes. Espresso coffee, black treacle, oak, perhaps even liquorice and anise, the spice slowly dissipates, i have to say that iv’e rather enjoyed this#CurrachWakame #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

After trying the Currach Atlantic kombu Seaweed charred cask whiskey in early 2020 we have patiently been waiting for this release. A new seaweed variety, would it be as good as the Kombu? Personally i can say yes it is, it definitely brings a different experience to the Kombu, and is just as bold, deep and enjoyable as it’s predecessor was.

Irish whiskey can be rather expensive, but Origin Spirits have again managed to keep the price of this Currach release reachable, and to be honest there’s plenty in this triple distilled Irish whiskey to enjoy, i would definitely have a bottle.

Thanks to – Stephen Randles, sales manager at Origin spirits Ireland Ltd, for generously giving us his time again, and for the generous samples that he sent us. In fact Stephen joined us for our first ever tasting, before The Whiskey Chaps was a thing, with the original Currach single malt Irish whiskey, Atlantic Kombu Seaweed charred cask, so it’s been great to host him again with the new Currach whiskey.

Please do give Currach Irish whiskey and Stephen a follow on Twitter below, and find the Currach Irish whiskey website here.

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