Dailuaine 11yo 50.9% ABV The Rise of The Badger Clan (Brave new Spirits).

Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, ABV: 50.9%, Casks: First-fill Bourbon hogshead RRP: £62.95


This Dailuaine is very light gold in colour, white wine like, it has a thin-ish swirl line that beads up immediately, and drops slow thick legs.


We’re straight into strawberry tarts, with cereals and grains, and it’s a little foresty too. Waxed wood and oil, dunnage, and earthiness come next. I’m getting sweet lemon, and the aromas from a carpenters workshop.

More time and it’s becoming more oily for me, with a touch of rose water, and perhaps a faint antiseptic. aroma.

brave new spirits


First off this has a lovely mouthfeel, and the red fruits are here too, with lots of Bourbon cask spices. Cranberries, starburst sweets, espresso coffee, pontefract cakes, bitter lemon and vanilla pastries.

Becoming more tropical fruits with time, it’s nice and sweet playing against the bitter lemon, and a little drying. A syrupy kind of smokiness comes through too with the spices.


Long side of medium in length, and chest warming, remaining sweet and spicy, this is a very nice Dailuaine.

dailuaine distillery

My thoughts

I found myself really enjoying whisky from Dailuaine over the past 2 years, and in my opinion they shine when they come from an ex bourbon cask, especially a 1st fill cask.

This particular Dailuaine is amongst the best iv’e tasted from the distillery, Brave new spirits picked a winner in my humble opinion, and at just under £63 there’s a lot of flavour in the bottle. It’s a bottle i’d definitely have in my whisky cupboard.

This whisky was part of a Tweet tasting with Brave New Spirits, as part of their Cask Noir series. A big thank you goes out to them, and Steve Rush, for the opportunity to be a part of this tasting. A thank you goes out to Steve Rush for the use of his bottle image with info.

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