Dailuaine 12yr old PX, Lady of the Glen, 56.3% ABV, (Blind tasted).

dailuane 12 px

This bottling was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium tasting #7 on 19/12/2020.

Appearance – This whisky is pale gold/ yellow in colour, very viscous with syrupy thick slow legs.

Nose – First note for me is toast, followed by black cherries, some menthol, it’s a dusty drop, almost fire embers too, cinnamon, currants, black berries. I’m getting the lightest touch of sulphur, barely smell it thankfully.

Palate – Yep the sulphur is still there, it’s quite light, I usually get that with Oloroso casks. There’s also pineapple, smokiness, bbq meat, nuts, liquorice, white pepper, a decent amount of oak, chilli heat with dark chocolate, and currants.

Finish – long side of medium for me, very oak, tannic and dry, with lots of dark fruits, i like this, I’m undecided on whether I’d buy it or not tbh.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour, non chill filtered, and at cask strength.

My thoughts – I have to say that i liked everything flavour wise about his bottling, until the sulphur/phosphorous notes arrived, it isn’t a strong note to be honest, but I find it a difficult aroma/flavour note to get over. I have seen someone from the tasting tweet a day later that they’ve gone back to it and the sulphur/phosphorous notes have died down, so i will go back and try it again myself. In general i am a bit of a Dailuaine fan, the ex-bourbon cask bottlings are very good in my humble opinion, this bottling left me a little disappointed.

Would i buy a bottle? – sadly this time it’s a no from me, of the 5 whisky’s we blind tasted on the evening i put this last out of the 5.

Picture creditAberdeen Whisky Shop

Thanks to – @MaltMusings, @gordonsmith63, @scotchB78, @jwbassman_, @dailydrambyalex ,@gavsdrams, @thedramble (all Twitter).

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