Dalmore 12yr old Sherry Cask Select, 43% ABV.

dalmore 12yr old Sherry cask select

Appearance – Burnished Gold in colour (artificial), medium legs.

Nose – Lots of stewed dark fruits, sultanas, fig, Cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, a little furniture polish, and demerara sugar.

Palate – Cherry lozenges, black pepper, oak, lots of dark fruits, black grapes, furniture polish, ginger, and chilli, a nice and full palate.

Finish – Medium in length, stewed dark fruits, Christmas pudding, oak, ginger, and black pepper.

My thoughts – This is a nice dram, there’s plenty going on, it comes across as higher than 43% ABV.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes I would, it’s matured using a “Sherry assemblage”, which has created a Sherry finished whisky that tastes different from most usual Sherry finished whiskies, it’s interesting.

Thanks to – Dalmore whisky, @TheWhiskyWire, and @TweetTastings (Twitter).

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