Dalmore 8yo “13-21” Sherry cask 54% ABV Whisky broker (Blind tasted).

dalmore 8yo whisky broker

These are my tasting notes and thoughts for this whisky before it was revealed what it was.

Distilled in the Highlands at Dalmore distillery, this release has been bottled by independent bottlers, Whisky Broker. This expression was distilled in 2013 and was put down to mature in a single sherry barrel for over 8 years. Part of a limited release of 201 bottles, this whisky has been bottled free from chill filtration and artificial colourings at a strength of 54% abv.

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On pouring I thought this dram had a pink hue to it, now I’m not so sure, it is mid gold though. The swirl line on my stemmed tulip glass is medium thick initially, but it soon beads up. Eventually it drops faint medium thick legs. 


At first nosing I become aware a carpenters workshop, though it does bring some sweetness with it. There is aromatic wood here, it’s leaning towards floral aromas, and lime cordial also comes through. Chocolate and raisins with old dustiness follow along.

More time brings a faint sulphurous aroma, with Eccles cakes, and some rather nice old style bubble gum. Cranberries, black cherries, dates and brownies close the nose for me. 

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That’s a spicy meatball, very spicy, and I think cask strength too, the nose hide that well. My palate is flooded with red and dark fruits, with aniseed, cardamom, cough syrup, and molasses. It’s quite the chest warmer to be honest.

With time there is some drying coming through, still a little sulphur too, and cinnamon that’s staying quite hot at the moment. 


Quite long in length, the spices hang around the whole time to be honest, and it’s still very much dark fruits for me. Black pepper and espresso, dark plums and dates, and the atomic gobstopper too.

dalmore distillery

My thoughts

Now this is a dirty dram, slightly sulphurous with loads of sherry cask aromas and flavours. I’m sure it’s a scotch single malt, and i’m pretty sure it’s an ex sherry cask bottling too, at cask strength. It reminds me of a bottle i had from the Whisky broker, a Fettercairn sherry cask, that also had the sulphurous notes. I enjoyed this dram, i’d rather have had it without the sulphur, but it’s tolerable.

This whisky came in a set of blind samples from my twitter whisky friend Peter – @uk_whisky, peter as well as ourselves can be followed using the buttons below.

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