Dalmore Aged 12 Years 40% ABV

Dalmore Aged 12 Years 40% ABV

Matured in American White Oak, before a period to mature and develop in character within Oloroso Sherry casks.

Appearance: Vibrant oaky tangerine in colour. Lovely oily film coats the glass with plenty of embossed medium/thick legs.

Nose: Initial Bourbon notes of corn, honey and wood. Very faint sulphur, some blood orange, rum and raisin ice cream. The citrus element grows as the glass matures and opens up. Buttered hot cross buns and stewed fruits.
A slight funk develops after a time. ALWAYS a good sign!

Palate: Not an oily mouthfeel on this one. A little drying with subdued watery notes of blood orange, fruit cake, some aniseed, black pepper and cinnamon too. Not a great deal more going on for me, it’s the 40% curse again.

Finish: Bitter blood orange and black pepper. Medium length.

Overall: The more 40% whisky I try, the more I am confident that I just don’t get on with it. I’d like to try this at CS, I think it would come alive and those elements that are slightly watered down would be glorious I’m sure.

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