Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve, 44% ABV.

dalmore cigar malt whisky

Appearance – Burnished Gold (artificial), thick legs.

Nose – That’s a very certain old style cough mixture, linseed oil putty, bitter lemon rind, blood orange, white pepper, a slight meat savoury note, like a hot meat pie.

Palate – I have to say that this does have a loverly oily mouthfeel, dates, a little linseed oil putty, cap gun powder, dark chocolate bitterness, oak tannins, sultanas, digs, earthy dunnage, it’s rather good.

Finish – Dark chocolate comes first followed by oak tannins, used cap gun powder, Ginger and dark fruits follow, and black pepper at the back of the throat.

My thoughts – The heavy flavours in this whisky make it ideal to partner with a cigar, very sympathetic and enhancing I’d imagine (as an ex smoker). This whisky has a very dark and heavy profile, not a drop for light and fruity whisky lovers.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes, I’ve rather enjoyed it, not for everyone, but I do like it’s flavour profile.

Thanks to – Dalmore whisky, @TheWhiskyWire, and @TweetTastings (Twitter).

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