Dalmore king Alexander III, 40% ABV.

dalmore king alexander III

Appearance – Burnished Gold in colour (artificial), medium legs.

Nose – Much sweeter than I expected, candied lemon rind, apricot, peach melba up front, with bran cereal, muesli, molasses, and a slightly earthy note following up.

Palate – P – Fruit cocktail syrup sweetness starts it off, a minty freshness, star anise, pineapple cubes again, apricots, lemonade, malty/biscuity with a little furniture polish.

Finish – Medium to long in length, tangy and spicy with chilli and white pepper, stewed dark fruits come along at the end, and it’s all rather warming.

My thoughts – It quite a sweet whisky imho, though I did try it after tasting their Cigar malt, which is much darker. It’s an all round loverly whisky.

Would I buy a bottle? – Personally I wouldn’t, it’s not the whisky that’s my issue, the whisky is loverly, it’s the price that would stop me buying it, I’d personally need to find it discounted.

Thanks to – Dalmore whisky, @TheWhiskyWire and @TweetTastings (Twitter).

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