Dalmore Port Wood reserve, 46.5% ABV.

Dalmore port wood reserve

Appearance – Burnished Gold (artificial), medium legs.

Nose – Lots of dried fruits, apricots, cream soda, cereal, maltyness, biscuity, warming, oak tannins, white pepper.

Palate – Cherry shoe polish, citrus lemonade ice lolly, dark fruits, black pepper, nutmeg, root ginger, cardamom, a little savoury meat, pineapple cubes, cola cubes, very nice.

Finish – Long, lingers for ages, loverly and warming, cherry, white pepper, walnuts, and old leather.

My thoughts – A very enjoyable whisky, the palate is packed with loverly flavours, and a long warming finish.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes, it bold, and full of flavour, more than enough to keep a palate entertained.

Thanks to – Dalmore whisky, @TheWhiskyWire, and @TweetTastings (Twitter).

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