Dalmore The Trio 40% ABV

dalmore the trio

The Dalmore The Trio is part of a series of The Dalmore Whiskys. Its name indicates the number of cask types in which this whisky has matured. The Dalmore The Trio consists of three barrels: first-fill ex-bourbon, ex-port and ex-sherry barrels. Thanks to the use of different types of cask, this whisky acquired a wide variety of characteristics that complement each other very subtly.

Appearance: Oaky Tizer, lovely deep auburn hue. Thin tide mark when swirled, no defined legs to speak of, more a corrugated effect around the glass.

Nose: Oaky and sweet. Orange peel, spearmint, furniture polish, old chair dustiness, pear and Double Dip Orange sherbert!

Picking up some softer buttery biscuit aromas, light and mostly hidden, but appearing as the sample matures. Buttermint now that the softer notes are mingling. Caramel? There’s that edge to it.
Black Forest Gateau springs to mind.

Palate: Ooh, starts off sweet then is very drying on the throat. Heaps of sweet oranges, more than I’ve tasted in a whisky before. Some black pepper sprinkled on top.
Quite jammy too in taste. Not particularly viscous mouthfeel for me, not thin, but not oily either.

Finish: The ‘sweet with black pepper sprinkled on top’ effect. Medium in length.

Overall: It’s a tad one dimensional for me, it’s not really evolving or revealing anything more than the first couple of sips. Nice though.

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