Dalmore Vintage 2005 43.8% ABV

Casks: American white oak ex-Bourbon casks and hand-selected aged Paez Amoroso Sherry casks RRP: £150.00.

Appearance: Light oak in colour, like an ale. A decent viscosity, medium legs and nice film when swirled.

Nose: White wine, sharp fruits like gooseberry. A decent ABV hit considering too. It’s a fresh nose, zingy. The funk is growing steadily now. Dark fruit richness and ice cream wafer. Mixed spices, sugared almonds and a wisp of smoke. Basement dustiness and damp aromas.

Palate: A good mouthfeel and spiced vanilla raspberry ripple hit first. Fruit syrup and a slight minty tingle. Again, this has a little drying element to it, just catching the back of the tongue.

This is quite a unique palate, not tasted anything quite like it before. Getting a sugary side now, along with jam doughnuts maybe?

Finish: Spicy finish with an icing sugar dusting. White pepper, vanilla and menthol. Quite long.

Overall: It’s a unique whisky that I’m sure many would love and enjoy exploring. The flavours don’t quite agree with my palate and personal preferences though. Very interesting drop though!

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