Dark Silkie Cask Strength 64.5% ABV

dark silkie whiskey

Dark Silkie, from Sliabh Liag Distillery, is a non chill-filtered smoky blend of double distilled single malts & triple distilled peated single malts with soft grain whiskey.

It has a core of triple distilled peated single malt whiskey which has been matured in sherry casks. Blended with a double distilled single malt, matured in bourbon barrels, along with soft grain whiskey finished in virgin oak casks.

Dark Silkie takes its name from the mythical Silkies of the Donegal Coast, seal-like shape-shifters who shed their skin, often taking the shape of beautiful sea-maidens.

Sliabh Liag are currently in the process of building a new distillery, in Ardara, which will only produce rich peated whiskeys with their “all grains in” process, which is unique to Ireland.

Nose: Definitely cask strength! Oak is the first thing that hits me on the nose. Then sherry, lots of sherry! Closely followed by the bonfire-sweet smoke. Get that ‘funky’ aroma, it’s probably something that everyone else knows how to identify and I always just say ‘funk’!
There’s also that new-make berry aroma (such a great aroma!) that shows up as the glass sits for a while.
Sweetshop candy, pear drops maybe (that barley aroma that hits your chest as you inhale).

I actually lose the smoke qite quickly on the CS. I get way more candy shopsweets and berries.

Poured a bit more, immediately nosed and the aromas changed from oakey smoke to sweet fruits in seconds. Not had that before, very cool!

Palate: Amazingly buttery mouthfeel, not overpowering on the palate, strong but well balanced between that sweetness and the (for me) slight smoke. This is like syrup in it’s consistency! Soooo thick and uptious!
I get mostly fruits on the palate. Berries, dark forest fruits, then there’s the butter that accompanies the viscosity. might also be picking up on orage? Not had that before!

Finish: The only stage where this ‘acts’ like a CS is the finish. Heat and spice, coupled with those fruits and a nice ‘burn’. It leaves you with a great sign-off

Overall: Dangerously drinkable! This really is a very interesting and, especially for the money, complex whiskey. It’s definitely one that most should have on thier whiskey shelf

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