Dartmoor Distillery x3 tasting, 4-3-21.


Dartmoor Whisky Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Oloroso and Ex-Bordeaux casks.

These whiskies are all Single cask and full term maturation in their specific casks.

WE ARE CRAFTING THE VERY FINEST ENGLISH SINGLE MALT WHISKY ON THE EDGE OF DARTMOOR NATIONAL PARK IN DEVON. Our beautiful ex-Cognac still was hand-beaten in 1966 and has produced quality spirit for the likes of Hennessy, Martel and Remy Martin for most of its life. Saved from sitting dormant since its decommission in 1994, our still has been fully refurbished to restore it back to its former glory and is now producing smooth, sweet new make spirit made from Dartmoor barley. Inspired by the rugged land of Dartmoor on which we live and guided by our Master Distiller, Frank McHardy, our mission is to produce single malt whisky of unrivalled quality that encapsulates the true spirit of Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor distillery

American Oak Ex-Bourbon cask, 46% ABV.

This sumptuously sweet single malt is matured solely in a single American White Oak Ex-Bourbon cask for a vanilla and toffee filled dram

Dartmoor distillery

Appearance – This whisky is white wine/ straw in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, is very viscous and drops medium thick legs and syrupy tears.

Nose – Now the first note I get is strawberries, then some cereal/grain, a light touch of menthol, and it noses higher than 46% ABV for me. The strawberries and other red fruits are really staying strong, as Toby has said there is dunnage, and earthiness, it is slightly vegetal, and I’d say pink wafer biscuits, so nice to be honest. I’m also going to say there’s a tobacco note too.

Palate – First off lovely mouthfeel, more red berries/fruits, a little nutty, very oily, I really like this one to be honest. There is a little spiciness too, white pepper and a touch of lemon. With time there’s some dark chocolate, ginger and orange, I have to say that I’m really liking this, one of the best Ex bourbon cask whiskies I’ve tried.

Finish – The finish is quite long, it gets a little more spicy, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, with sweet lemon, a hint of chilli’s with dark chocolate, but it’s not a screamer, it’s just right for me.

My thoughts – I really like this whisky, and it is one of the best Ex-Bourbon cask whiskies i have tried, I love the flavours it offers, its may be quite young, but it noses and tastes older, lovely stuff.

Ex-Oloroso cask,46% ABV.

Whether raising a glass at Christmas or gathering with those nearest and dearest in the depths of winter, our Ex-Sherry Cask Single Malt has been crafted with life’s more memorable moments in mind.

Dartmoor distillery

Appearance – This whisky is Amber in colour, it beads up slightly on the swirl line and slowly drops medium legs.

Nose – Instant fizz up the nose, and I’m getting more nuttiness, cherry throat sweets, a note of tea, cloves, black pepper, more red fruits to be honest, and a wood varnish note. And more strawberries too now, new make notes again?

Palate – Again very nice mouthfeel, quite gentle, and I agree with Toby, it’s Jammy sweet, strawberry jam, some cereal, warming sand gently spicy. Dark fruits are also here but the red berries fruits are holding on. There’s definitely tobacco and black coffee here too.

Finish – Again the finish is quite long, full of red berries/ fruits, and dark stewed fruits, cigar leaves, dunnage, a touch of salinity, and coffee Porter ale, black coffee, again it’s very nice.

My thoughts – This is also a very good whisky, there’s plenty to keep the drinker occupied and entertained flavour wise, again it’s quite young, but it doesn’t show, it’s very flavourful, warming and inviting.

Ex-Bordeaux cask, 46% ABV.

Our fruit-forward Ex-Bordeaux red wine cask single malt is one of the bestselling whiskies in our line up of original expressions.

Dartmoor distillery

Appearance – This whisky is a mid gold colour with a pinkish hue, it again beads up on the swirl line, and reluctantly drops globules for the really quite thick swirl line.

Nose – This initially comes across as meaty with cut grass, cherries, a pie pastry note, a touch of sulphur. Slowly I’m getting red apples as a tropical fruit note, the tea is here again. There’s also a perfume note coming through too. Red fruits are persisting though, they don’t leave.

Palate – Sweet cocktail cherries, red apples, then into darker notes, high cocoa dark chocolate, cigar leaves, char, plenty of oak, a little drying, oily texture, and slowly becoming spicier to be honest. The legs become very thick and slow.

Finish – Long side of medium, and quite spicy for me, a continuation of the palate for me. I’d say some tropical fruits around the edges, it’s a nice drop, definitely an interesting one, in a good way.

My thoughts – I have to say that along with the Ex-bourbon and Ex-Oloroso, this is another nose and mouth full of flavour, the mix of being young and full length cask maturation works so well.

My overall thoughts from the tasting – The Dartmoor distillery has intrigued me for some time, and @whiskeychap also, so we decided to purchase these sets and give them a go, and i’m rather pleased that we did. The small batch approach and full term cask maturation are hugely attractive to those who look into the whisky they buy and try, and Dartmoor distillery are doing it so well.

These 3 whiskies offer so much on the nose and palate, and i will be keeping my eye on what the dartmoor distillery are doing more closely, i personally think there are more great whiskies to come, and i look forward to trying them when they do.

Thanks to Toby – @WhiskyShared, and Susanne – @susannedrams (both Twitter) for joining us with their tasting notes on the evening.

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