David Nicholson Reserve 50% ABV

rebel 100

Dating back as far as 1843, the David Nicholson brand was once owned by the Van Winkle family, until Luxco purchased it nearly 20 years ago. They are now renowned for releasing very good value whiskies.

Appearance: Back to the darker golden sunset of bourbon. Oily? Yes.

Nose: Seems tame, compared to the Rebel 100, even though the ABV is the same. Chocolate, caramel and peanuts = StarBar! Cherry with buttery and sweet sugared crumble. Possibly even custard! There’s a real concentrated fruit note to the nose too. Like boiled down raspberries over vanilla ice cream.

Palate: Spicy again (as stated, high rye). Black pepper and chilli. Tingling on the tongue. Icing sugar, cherry ice cream sauce and vanilla.

Finish: Spicy and cherry led. A little drying too

Overall: Pretty good, prefer the Ezra, but this comes close. A little too spicy for me personally.

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