Deanston 12 YO 2006 Fino Cask Finish 55% ABV.

deanston 2006 fino sherry cask

This whisky was tasted as part of a trio of Deanston whiskies on 7/9/21.

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Deep rich gold in colour, swirl line beads up straight away, and slowly drops medium thick legs. #thewhiskeychaps

More swirling and the swirl line thickens #thewhiskeychaps


Lots of wood interaction here, giving red berries, a dustiness, and it’s quite pastry like for me, perhaps even cherry crumble. #thewhiskeychaps

With more time i’m getting wood varnish, red liquorice, a touch of menthol and a meatiness. I’m also getting stoned fruits too, apricots and nectarines. #thewhiskeychaps


Darker heavier flavours come through straight away for me, and I’m getting the lightest tinge of sulphur, perfectly acceptable for me at this low amount. #thewhiskeychaps

Well toasted bread, marmite, black coffee, figs, dates, leaning towards rum for me. Twiglets, high cocoa content dark chocolate, a little drying, but doesn’t blow your head off for 55% ABV. #thewhiskeychaps


Quite long, quite bitter, cocoa, liquorice, plenty of oak, hand rolling tobacco, and I’m going with blood oranges too.

My thoughts

I did enjoy this dram, and it was interesting as iv’e not tried many Fino sherry finished whiskies. As much as i enjoyed this dram i initially said i probably wouldn’t buy a bottle. Having tried it a 2nd time i have changed my mind, it’s a dram that has grown on me to be honest.

Notes – This whisky is presented in it’s natural colour, is non chill filtered and at cask strength.

Thanks to – Derek Mather at the Artisan Restaurant in Main street Wishaw in Scotland for getting this sample to me.

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