Deanston 15 Year Old Marsala Cask Finish 55.2% ABV


Distilled and filled into Whisky Re-Fill casks in 2002 & matured for 15 years, including a 1 year finishing period in Marsala wine casks. Limited to 1308 bottles. No added colour and NCF.

Appearance: Summer honey, light golden in colour. Hairline swirl mark, many medium legs.

Nose: Again, good ABV hit, sherbert lemons, white wine, grape, a touch of distant smoke, wood notes: like the inside of freshly split wood. There’s a very definite meaty quality to this one too BBQ ribs and bacon joint

Palate: Again, lovely oily delivery, SPICY! Chilli heat on the tongue, sweetness follows with a jammy quality. Washing up liquid now too. It’s a spicy meatball this one, wow! That is really quite hot! Proper extreme aniseed maybe (Fireballs). Bitter lemon, butter, chilli chocolate. Not as keen on this one to be honest.

Finish: Chilli, bitter lemon, some chocolate and cinnamon

Overall: Overall: Not for me, the chilli and spice are too dominant. The mouthfeel is commendable though, like syrup!

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