Deanston 2002 16yr old organic Oloroso finish 50.6% ABV


Limited to 3492 bottles. The @deanstonmalt 2002 Organic Oloroso Cask 50.6% ABV Finish was distilled in 2002, matured in re-charred casks for 14 years and finally finished in Oloroso casks from Robles (the only fully organic sherry producer) for a further 2

Appearance: Lovely shiny golden brown with an orange hue. Nicely coats the glass with an oily film, which slowly seeps back to the surface.

Nose: Butterscotch pancakes smash into the senses. Heaps of dark fruit coated in molasses, some leathery aromas too.
Some plum and vanilla (plums in custard) starting to develop, along with baking spices and buttery notes, like a mixed fruit strudel. After some time cherry starts to waft from the glass gently. Halfway between fresh and Glacier.
Getting a twang of orange at the end now… #nosefinish Might even have a slight smokiness, very sweet smoke. Yep, going with the sweet smoke, BBQ sauce soaked meaty things.
Very Christmassy and indulgent! From the nose, the ABV is bang on, not overwhelming but definitely there!

Palate: Nice delivery, not as viscous as I would have imagined. Spicy meatball again (seems we’re doing all the hot ones recently!). Drying towards the back of the throat after a few seconds too.
The second sip delivers more sweetness, that smoke and meat medley and more identifiable spices: Cinnamon, cardamon and clove. There is a mintiness now for me too.
On the third sip, I’m getting flavours more in line with the nose. Dark fruits, stoned fruits, dark sugar sweetness to balance.
The more you drink this, the better it gets for sure. It’s a hell of a palate too, bold and complex. That drying could be bitterness I guess, grapefruit more than blood orange for me.

Finish: Xmas spices, bitter twang, dark sugar-coated stoned fruits and pastry. Nice! Quite a short finish considering the boldness of the nose and palate. Although full of flavours, it disappears sooner than you’d think.

Overall: A great whisky. Uncompromising and bold. Full of stewed fruit aromas and flavours. Perfect Christmas whisky to watch crap TV too and enjoy a good fire. Very nice!

Featured image: Orla Barry/The World

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