Deanston 2002 16yr old organic PX cask distillery hand-fill 49.3% ABV


Limited to 3102 bottles, @deanstonmalt 2002 Organic Px Cask Finish (49.3% NC NCF) is only the 3rd Organic whisky ever launched by Deanston. Made with ‘organically sourced’ barley (Laureate and Concerto) and matured for 14 years in whisky refill casks and 3 in PX casks.

Appearance: Dark orange/rose gold. The very inviting colour looks like a treat waiting to happen! Nice and viscous again, forming an oily film over the inside of the glass. Big thick legs.

Nose: Sidenote: If I didn’t know better, I would have said that this was a higher ABV, at least from the nose. The oloroso carried it so well.
This one has a far greater woody aroma. Like you’re inside of the cask, surrounded by the whisky-soaked staves. I still get that butterscotch small, dark fruits and creme brulee touch too.
There’s definitely a more fruity influence to this one, as well as the wood. Lighter red berry and a raspberry sharpness.

Palate: Nice oily delivery, really nice actually! Slight Christmas spiciness but balanced beautifully by a sugar and chocolate sweetness and buttery note, custard springs to mind.
Ooh, the palate on this one is fantastic, right up my alley! More fruit than spice (but both obvious), buttery/creamy flavours as well as mouthfeel.
Touch of furniture polish, black pepper now and a VERY faint metallic tinge. There’s also orange (sweet, not bitter) and elements of sponge cake?
I get a very slight drying at the back of the throat again. Not offputting, just an observation. This is going on my Xmas list!

Finish: The finish for me is all things nice. Plenty of rich fruitiness, some spice in support and that lovely buttercream feeling. Slight numbing at the back of the tongue. Yum!

Overall: This tastes (to me) exactly like you imagine (& hope) a PX finish would taste. Full of lovely dark fruitiness, a little Christmas spice and layers upon layers of new aromas and flavours to appreciate at each sip.

Featured image: Orla Barry/The World

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