Deanston 2007 13yr old, signatory, 65% ABV, (blind tasted).


Single Cask #900147.

This bottling was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium tasting #7 on 19/12/2020.

Appearance – Oxidising copper in colour, beads up on the glass, and the beads tend to hang there.

Nose – ooosh ABV, fizzy, old style shoe Polish, furniture Polish, a slight lemon/cranberry note, dusty, wood varnish, cola cubes, liquorice, there’s a light cereal note too, bbq sauce, a little bit of camp fire, and some royal icing sweetness dancing around.

Palate – Good ABV again, Yeah strawberries and cocktail cherries, dusty, ginger and chilli spices, black peppercorns, figs, clove, liquorice, cigar leaves, dunnage, I like this one lots. Very high cocoa content black chocolate, cinnamon, dark chocolate orange.

Finish – The finish is a long continuation of the palate, its very warming too.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour, non chill filtered, and at cask strength.

My thoughts – I’ve not tried to many Deanston whiskies, but i can say that this Deanston bottling is definitely amongst the best i have tasted, if not the best i’ve tasted from them so far, its a belter of a drop which i put 4th out of the 5 whiskies we blind tasted that evening. It was in very good company in the top 4 to be honest, and there wasn’t much between them at all, 4th may not look great, but as i’ve said there really wasn’t much between them at all.

Would i buy a bottle? – Yep, absolutely without a doubt, it doesn’t come cheap but it’s a price i would be prepared to go to, it’s a cracking drop.

Blind tasting Consortium tastings can be found on Tweetdeck using #BlindDrams.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings, @gordonsmith63, @scotchB78, @dailydrambyalex , @Mark_BCWS, @MCDrammer, @JasonGilluley (all Twitter).

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