Deanston ‘Dragon’s Milk’ Stout Cask Finish 50.5% ABV

dragons milk

Created in collaboration with the New Holland Brewing Company, which makes Dragon’s Milk stout. The beer is stored in former bourbon barrels & passes them on to Deanston once finished.
Matured in re-charred whisky casks from December 2012 and then finished ex-Dragon’s Milk stout barrels from 2019 for 6 months. NCF & natural colour. This one is said to be a bit ‘love it or hate it’.

Appearance: White wine. Slow forming thin/medium legs

Nose: Smells younger to me, but that’s because it is I guess! Floral, malty and, hang on…… it……..yes…………FUNK!
Red apple skin, buttered rolls, freshly cut grass, nettles, some sweetness. It’s a weaker nose than the 12 or 15 for me, harder to pick things up, a little flat

Palate: Not what I was expecting. Sweet and herbal at the same time. Quite spicy too, some white pepper and chilli again.
It’s a very unique flavour for sure. Not sure I would ever guess it was a stout cask?! Again, tastes a tad soapy to me. Reminds me of Matey Bubbles!

Finish: Bitter lemon, white pepper and subtle sugary sweetness. A touch drying right at the back of the throat, at the very end of the finish.

Overall: It’s a bit confusing and I’m not a fan. Many muddled aromas, flavours and elements that don’t really marry well or complement each other.
It’s an experiment and commendable, but this one’s not for me

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