Dewars 8yr old Caribbean Smooth, 40% ABV.

dewars Caribbean smooth

Appearance – Light Gold in colour, surprisingly viscous in the glass, slow running very thick legs.

Nose – Rather spirit forward, noses stronger than 40% ABV, tropical fruits, sweet pineapple, pineapple cube sweets, icing sugar, stoned fruits, apricots, nectarines, sweet lemon, and the faintest whiff of smoke.

Palate – The majority of the palate is pretty much a copy of the nose, but has some very slight meaty/savoury notes.

Finish – Very short, sugar sweetness, the briefest whiff of lemon and smoke.

My thoughts – Imho this whisky is better suited as a cocktail ingredient than a sipper, there isn’t much depth flavour wise.

Would I buy a bottle? – Somebody just starting on their whisky journey may enjoy it, but it doesn’t have enough flavour to entertain the more discerning whisky enthusiasts. It’s a no for me.

Thanks to – WhiskyShared (Twitter), WhiskyShared (Youtube).

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