Dingle Single Malt Batch 5 46.5% ABV

dingle batch 5

The Dingle Whiskey Distillery was crafted and conceived by three independent spirits: Oliver Hughes; Liam LaHart and Peter Mosley. Oliver, Liam and Peter are the people behind Porterhouse Brewing Company.

The first @DingleWhiskey Casks were filled on the 18th December 2012. Three years and a day later on the 19th December 2015, a single cask, No. 2 was released.

The Dingle whiskey ethos is quality over quantity. They use three distinctive, hand-crafted copper pot stills. The distillery remains a family-owned enterprise, with every process, from grist to matured whiskey, takes place in Dingle.

Master Distiller Graham Coull joined Dingle in Oct 19. With 25+ experience in the whiskey industry, Graham oversees the production of Dingle Whiskey’s small-batch whiskey releases & manages the production of its Dingle Gin and Dingle Vodka.
Graham Coull moved from his role as distillery manager and master distiller of Speyside distillery Glen Moray after 14 years, where he also managed the expansion of the distillery and developed its range of single malt Scotch whiskies.

Batch 5 is the biggest release to date for Dingle Whiskey, with a total of 36,500 bottles and the second batch release from Master Distiller Graham Coull. Batch 5 retails at about £70

Single Malt Batch 5 (bottled at 46.5% and non-chill filtered). Matured in Bourbon, Pedro Ximénez and Madeira casks create a “wonderfully warm, lingering and mellow whiskey.” There is also a cask strength version.

Nose: Honey, summer fruits (citrus) especially red apple. Lovely and fruity. Nice ‘vanillery’ sweetness! he nose is pretty full-on, in a good way! Gives you a nice slap of fruits and oakiness, there’s definitely the oaky sweetness for sure.
I now get Christmas spices, particularly cinnamon, there’s a breadiness on the nose too. There’s also a salinity to it, quite complex which I like.

Palate: On the palate it leads with Christmas spices, it literally reminds me of Christmas evening (not that I ever remember many of them)! Do you know what it tastes like, Christmas pudding and ice cream!
Getting red berries and chocolate now!

Finish: The finish for me is quite long (although I have no benchmark!), about 8-9 seconds. Full of spice and sweetness. Seems to be a theme of Irish whiskies that the finish is great, leaves you wanting more!

Overall: Overall a really well-balanced spice forward, but with a great balance of red fruitiness. Very Christmassy and comforting whisky, well worth the purchase! Well played Graham Coull and Dingle Whiskey

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