Dingle Fino (Celtic Whiskey tasting) 57.3%ABV


I’ll be honest, I forgot I had this Dingle Fino sample, left over from last year’s Celtic Whiskey tasting pack!
I tried and shared notes on the other samples in the pack, but this one slipped through the cracks.

Sorry about that Graham.

There are very few mentions of this ANYWHERE, so I’m not able to provide any meaningful info on this particular expression, other than my thoughts, below.

Appearance: Invitingly dark. Very oaky and warm looking. Nice medium legs, lots of them too.

Nose: A nice amount of ethanol, on the verge of being a bit too much, but stays just the right side of complimenting the nose.
Mixed nuts, milk chocolate and then the sweetness of honey-covered strawberries.
There are also some nice buttery malty notes too. Nice balance.
The sweeter notes are fused to more oaky forest floor ones. It’s a lovely mix of aromas.

Palate: Lovely oily mouthfeel upon delivery. Plenty of spice from the ABV, fizzing on the tongue. Can definitely taste the Dingle behind the cask influence, which I really enjoy.
Rolling wheat fields spring to mind with this, not so much from the sweeter notes, but the underlying base flavours.
There’s also coffee, clotted cream, dried fruits and oats.

Very summery and natural.

Finish: A touch drying, spicy and chocolatey. It’s quite a rural flavour that flows through well from the palate.

Overall: A truly lovely expression. Plenty going on but all married really well. It’s a very easy sipper and being a Dingle, there is a real underlying quality, evident in the experience.

Image credit: Guide Ireland

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