Dingle Pedro Ximenez (Celtic Whiskey Shop tasting) 58.6% ABV

Appearance: Dark Rosé wine, almost chestnut. Quite oily, forms a very sharp and defined watermark line when swirled.

Nose: Dark fruits, coffee, a nuttiness and oak. Both the appearance and the nose suggest that this is a serious whiskey, with plenty to offer. I really hope the palate continues in that vane, I have high hopes!!

Palate: Not particularly oily, but a nice viscosity none the less. Dark fruits dominate at the front, wood notes and spices (cinnamon and white pepper) follow. Chilli chocolate is also noticeable. There’s a nice balance to this expression, seems perfect for the time of year. I like it.

Finish: Short. Chocolate and spiced cherries. Slightly drying towards the end.

Overall: Well balanced between the chili, spice and sweetness. The chocolate and cherries at the end were also a lovely surprise. Liked it!

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