Dingle single malt Irish whiskey 46.3% ABV

Dingle single malt

Triple distilled and matured in a mixture of ex-bourbon and ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, using water drawn from their own well beneath the distillery.

Disclaimer: I, along with many others in the whiskey community, have a soft spot and a lot of time for Dingle. Not only is the brand itself at the forefront of Irish whiskey, but they are one the most engaging and active distilleries on social media. Master distiller Graham Coull has also smashed it on social media. He can be found sharing expert information and actively (sometimes a little too actively!) engaging in light-hearted discussions and banter and taking part in numerous tastings.

Their previous releases have all gone down well with us (tasting notes here), so I have high hopes for this one.

Appearance: Sunset gold, almost tangerine. A lovely oily coating on the glass (I’m tasting from a Tuath glass) and almost paint-like viscous legs.

Nose: That familiar honey, malty, cornflake aroma. A decent hit of alcohol too, for the ABV, keeps things a touch spicy.
A hint of eucalyptus and expressed orange peel.
Summer orchard fruits linger on the nose.

Palate: Lovely viscous delivery. Spiced butter warms the throat and chest on the first sip.
The second sip reveals bitter lemon, a tingling on the tongue from that spice continuing. Black pepper, mint and a touch of medium chilli too.
Subsequent sips divulge a mixture of the, now gentle, heat from the pepper and chilli mixed with the sweeter honey, watermelon and cream notes.

Towards the end of the glass, the palate becomes gentle and malty.

Nose (post palate): After taking a few sips, the nose reveals more buttermilk and cream notes. Mixed salted nuts too.

Finish: The finish starts spicy, with the black pepper and chilli, but soon turns to sweeter honey nut cornflakes and creamy will.
Medium in length, it’s a lovely warming and alluring finish that leaves you wanting more.

Overall: I’m already a fan of Dingle and Irish whiskey in general. This expression only reinforces my joy of Ireland’s whiskey-making skills.
It’s a lovely journey in a glass. Starting with the sweet and spicy notes, moving through the more buttery and creamy flavours and settling on a beautiful balance of both. It’s a very easy sipper and a lovely friendly whiskey.

Very nice indeed.

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