Dingle Single Pot still #4 & Blue Spot tasting-17th Dec 2020.


We tasted the latest Single Pot Still Whiskey from the Dingle distillery, batch#4, and the much anticipated Blue Spot, that has completed the Spots range of Whiskeys.

DINGLE SINGLE POT STILL BATCH #4, 46.5% ABV, 8000 bottles.

Appearance – This Whiskey is light Amber in colour, very viscous and has super syrupy legs.

Nose – Some red berries here, cream soda, cereals, pears, there’s also a savoury meat note. There is some herbaceousness, and almost a whiff of smoke too. The nose over time becomes heavier, more dunnage, more earthiness, and the savoury meat more subsides.

Palate – There’s the spice, spent cap gun caps, ginger, cinnamon coated apricots, cigar leaves, dunnage, earthiness, this is rather different from batch 3. Has a nice mouthfeel too, quite syrupy tbh.

Finish – Yeah it’s quite long, some spiciness continues, black peppercorns, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom? It’s still herbaceous, currants, Pontefract cakes (most likely spelt wrong), and gentle, it’s a nice finish.

Overall – It’s rather different to batch 4, heavier and darker for me, there is a tinge of sulphur from the Oloroso, and for some reason I’m getting this quite a lot in whisk(e)ys for some reason. Good flavours and good mouthfeel. As to whether i’d buy a bottle, i hate to say that I’m on the fence with this one personally, it has good flavours, mouthfeel and depth, but i do prefer the flavour profile of batch #3 just a little bit more, and to be honest I’m finding myself struggling in the sea of Ex-Sherry cask finished whisk(e)ys available, the light tinge of sulphur though not particularly strong isn’t something i like, and perhaps is the reason why i struggle with some Ex Sherry cask matured whisk(e)y at times, though others either don’t seem to pick up on it, or they don’t mind it.

Notes – This bottling is none chill filtered and natural in colour.

Thanks to – @Graham_Coull (Twitter).


Appearance – This Single Pot Still whiskey is mid gold in colour, beads up on the swirl line, and has slow thin legs and beads.

Nose – There is a fair ABV whack, lots of red berries, cream soda too, slight menthol, also dusty, royal icing sugar, the red fruit is quite strong on the nose.

Palate – Lovely mouthfeel, syrupy, quite spicy, lots of ginger, blood oranges and cranberries, it’s a little drying. It’s getting spicier @gordonsmith63 might like this tbh, cigar leaves, cinnamon buns, ginger, but not the sweet stuff, some tannins, that’s quite a spice bomb tbh.

Finish – Quite long, the spice continues, lots of oak and some tannins. The red fruit is still there, but dunnage, spice and cigar leaves take the lead, it’s a good finish tbh.

Notes – This bottling is none chill filtered and at cask strength.

Overall – It’s a very nice whiskey that comes across as being older than 7 years tbh, there are loverly dark notes, heaviness, oiliness and spiciness, a very pleasant surprise and worthy additon to the Spots range. i would definitely buy a bottle.

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