Dingle Single Pot Still Batch 4 Whiskey 46.5% ABV


We recently had a double Irish whiskey tasting of Dingle Single Pot Still Batch 4 and Blue Spot. We were ‘lucky’ enough to be joined by Dingle Master Distiller and the all-round king of the Twitter chat hijack, Graham Coulll!

Dingle’s fourth, non-chill filtered, small-batch release of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey brings a marriage of Bourbon and Oloroso casks together.
8,000 bottles have been produced from 25 casks. A further 500 bottles of Pot Still Cask Strength have also being released – a first for Dingle Distillery

Priced at €95.00 (RRP) per 70cl bottle, the new whiskey (46.5% ABV) has been available to purchase since 5th November 2020.
The cask strength edition is a nod to their Founding Fathers, a collection of whiskey enthusiasts who invested in this young business through the purchase of their own individual cask of whiskey.

Appearance: It does have a lovely colour to it, golden and shiny.

Nose: Fresh fruit and honey burst out of the glass. There’s some spice too and maybe a herbal note lurking.
It’s an extremely friendly nose. Nothing to put you off, a great whiskey for Christmas too! There is a touch of smoke, but not campfire, more the smoke caused by friction.
after a few minutes (and sips): fruit pie now, stewed berries with pastry and brown sugar.

It’s a lovely collection of aromas!

Palate: The palate, for me, is more herbal than the nose would suggest. There’s sweetness too. Once I’ve taken a sip, the nose becomes spicier.
There are Christmas spices as @StillSurreal pointed out, as well as a touch of sulphur. It’s a very warming dram too, more so than many Irish whiskies, which I usually find zingier. This one is a more ‘sit and savour’ whiskey.
The spice does build at the back of the throat as you sip. Whereas the sweetness, honey and that brown sugar-coat and sit at the front of the palate. Quite a lot of depth and richness. Pretty luxurious. I wish I’d have been able to grab a CS!

Finish: The finish is medium and a beautiful balance of the spice, herbal quality and honey sweetness.

Overall: Very nice indeed, another lovely release from Graham! There’s an oaky quality running through the whole tasting experience too. I assume that’s the bourbon cask influence. It’s a lovely, rich and full of depth.

We highly recommend giving Dingle Distillery and Graham a follow. Graham, in particular, has a very amusing and engaging social account!

Featured image credit: Irish Whiskey Magazine

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