Dingle whiskey tasting 19/10/21

dingle tasting

These are tasting notes and thoughts for the Dingle Single Malt core release, and Dingle small batch 6 port cask.


Dingle Distillery is an independent family-owned business, located in a converted sawmill in Milltown on the outskirts of Dingle, in the southwest of Ireland. The distillery was created in 2012 by Oliver Hughes, Liam LaHart and Peter Mosley, who are also the people behind Porterhouse Brewing Company. The first Dingle Casks being filled on the 18th December 2012.

To achieve the flavours in their whiskey, Dingle use three distinctive, hand-crafted copper pot stills, whose distinctive design, incorporating a boil ball, encouraging reflux, encouraging smoothness and purity.

If you haven’t already had a watch of the overview video on the distillery site, it’s well worth it!: https://vimeo.com/257479739

Graham Coull has previously held the Distillation Manager role at Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie Distilleries, before a 14-year role as Distillery Manager and Master Distiller at Glen Moray. Dingle’s Third Single Pot Still Release in November 2019 was the first new release overseen by Graham Coull as Master Distiller.

Dingle have won a raft of awards for not only their whiskey, including GOLD – Irish Cask Strength Whiskey at The Irish Whiskey Awards & Ireland Distillery of the Year, but also their gin and vodka too.

Whiskey Chap

Dingle Single Malt 46.3% ABV

dingle single malt

Dingle Distillery’s hugely anticipated Core Single Malt release is finally upon us and is here to stay. 

This Core Single Malt release has been years in the making and comprises of malt whiskey that has been matured in ex-Bourbon, and PX sherry casks. 39% Bourbon, 61% PX Sherry. 

Bottled at 46.3% and non-chill filtered. This is a very interesting whiskey in which the component casks come to the fore at different stages.

Dingle Whiskey


A shade darker than mid gold in colour, swirl line is nice and thick, with slow medium legs. #thewhiskeychaps


The higher amount of Sherry cask whiskey is evident here, those darker stewed fruits are quite prominent, there’s a foresty feel here too, evergreen trees, a touch of menthol, raisins. #thewhiskeychaps

Like @whiskeychap i get sponge cake jaminess, strawberries and raspberries too, I’m not getting sulphur, but am getting vanilla and wood varnish. #thewhiskeychaps

Cherry crumble, and slowly becoming more fruit sweet. The foresty feel still hangs around. #thewhiskeychaps


Straight off it has a good mouthfeel, and has a spiciness the nose didn’t suggest, the kind of spiciness that warms your chest. I get quite a lot of Sherry cask notes tbh, figs, dates, raisins, and perhaps a hint of nuttiness. #thewhiskeychaps

Red berries are getting stronger, spice is ramping up a bit more too, there’s a honey note right at the back, and a mulled wine kind of feel for me. Very nice, quite rounded and punchy. #thewhiskeychaps


The finish is medium long, and a continuation of the palate to be honest.

My thoughts

This is the first and currently the only core range bottling from the Dingle distillery, and i think it’s a good one. For me the higher percentage of Sherry cask whiskey does slightly lead the Bourbon cask whiskey, but the Bourbon cask does help round off the Sherry cask. Rather than being a spice bomb it is more rounded with good depth, it’s a bottle i’d happily own.

Dingle Small batch #6 46.5% ABV

dingle small batch #6

Dingle Distillery’s highly anticipated Sixth Single Malt release is upon us. The sixth release comprises of malt whiskey that has been matured exclusively in Tawny Port Casks. This will be the first such release from Dingle. Bottled at 46.5% and non chill filtered. Fully matured exclusively in Tawny Port Casks, Batch 6 is a great example of the interaction between Single Malt spirit and Fortified wine. A whiskey with multiple layers of sweetness and a well-balanced depth of flavour.

Dingle Whiskey


A nice deep gold in the glass, again a nice thick swirl line and thicker slower legs than the Single Malt. #thewhiskeychaps


Lots and lots of sweet red fruits, sandalwood, sawdust, those strawberry flavoured toffo’s for us older folk. The ABV feels higher than it is, quite potent tbh. #thewhiskeychaps

100% getting latte now, brown sugar, a touch of cream soda, and I’m getting that tea note too now.


Definitely red berries and blackcurrants, grapefruit and pomello, toasted tea cakes, and a good mouthfeel. It’s sweet but also has some of those darker heavier flavours too. #thewhiskeychaps

Blood oranges and pomegranates, orange rind, red liquorice, it’s also like a black coffee with a sweet syrup in it. #thewhiskeychaps


The core is long side of medium in length, but mince pie filling and chilli’s persist for a while, this is a very nice whiskey indeed. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

I do like a port casked whisk(e)y, and this is a full maturation Port cask whiskey, and it’s an absolute belter in my opinion. I can’t see this bottling hanging around long as it’s so good. The depth of flavour is impressive, the flavours are gorgeous, it’s sumptuous, and in my opinion a genuine pleasure to imbibe it, hat off to you Graham Coull., and id love a bottle in my cupboard to be honest.

Thanks to – @Graham_Coull, @susannedrams, @bogstandarddram and @decoreape7 for joining us during our tasting, and to @MaltMusings and @whiskeychap for the samples.

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