Dingle Single Malt, Batch 5, 46.5% Abv

dingle single malt 5

Dingle Single Malt, Batch 5, 46.5% Abv

Appearance – Light Gold in colour, sticks well to the glass, and drops slowly running thick legs.

Nose – Lemon, Icing sugar, Cream soda, Pineapple and Vanilla.

Palate – Oily coating mouth feel, Honey, Vanilla, Lemon, strawberry, Stewed fruits, sultana, fig, Currents, Cinnamon, Soft spices and White pepper.

Finish – Medium to long, warming, spicy, with lovely wood notes.

My thoughts – This is a wonderfully engaging Single Malt, it’s very welcoming and draws you into it’s deeper flavours. It’s also well balanced between the ex Bourbon, Px and Madeira casks.

Would I buy a bottle? – Without a doubt.

Thanks to, Graham Coull, @Graham_coull, Master Distiller at the Dingle Distillery, and Fay Coull, @Fay_coull, for finding time to answer questions for us, very much appreciated.

And thanks to @newdramrising, @Jotterface, @DBru95 for joining us, and sharing their tasting notes and thoughts.

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