Dràm Mòr Benriach 10yo PX Hogshead 55.5% ABV

Finished in first-fill PX Hogshead and with a limited outrun of 199 bottles, this Speyside comes from one of my favourite independent Single Cask Spirits bottler based in Dumbarton, Scotland.

Appearance: Deep amber. Very sticky in appearance, with plenty of long medium legs, droplets and teardrops. The film is thick and oozy, Very pleasant and inviting.

Nose: Quite subdued (especially given the strength). Bear with me, my initial thoughts were sugared nettle on a BBQ. Honey appears next with toffee sponge and custard.
There’s quite an earthy feel to this dram too, arable and natural somehow.
A tropical side emerged late in, albeit a little faint: sweet (not zesty or sharp) orange, pineapple and lemon.
After a few sips, cherry liquor chocolates emerge.

Palate: Like the nose, not a huge influence from the ABV. Wow, a total surprise given the notes on the nose. Deep sugary caramel, Christmas spices and Christmas pudding. A little cloying but nothing off-putting.
The spice warms and tingles the chest nicely.
It’s a real winter warmer on the palate.

Finish: medium to long. The toffee, spices and a little white pepper develop on the finish. The chest warming also lasts a while.

Overall: A very nice dram with an interesting flavour profile. I preferred the palate to the nose, which is unusual for me. I wouldn’t buy a bottle, but I’d happily drink someone else’s!

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