Dràm Mòr Craigellachie 9yo Single Cask Portuguese Red Wine Barrique 52.1% ABV

Distilled in Speyside at Craigellachie distillery, this release was bottled by independent bottlers Dram Mor. This expression was matured in oak for at least 9 years, spending a period finishing in a single first-fill Portuguese red wine barrique. Part of a limited release of 234 bottles, this whisky was bottled at a strength of 52.1% abv.

Appearance: Rust/ale. A medium ride mark quickly forms and soon morphs into a never ending ring of teardrops. After a while, within the viscous film, a few sporadic medium trails start to seep towards the surface.

Nose: The ABV is carried well on the nose, there’s no big hit from the alcohol, and it’s quite forgiving. Immediate honeyed orchard fruits: green apple, pear and plum, heaps of confectionary sugar, fruit salad sweets and strawberry Chewits.
As the dram makes there’s a little more dusty bookshelf and faint varnish.

Palate: A pleasant semi-viscous mouthfeel and a decent spicy hit from that big ABV. Plenty of black pepper (verging on a chilli heat) cinnamon and nutmeg.
Honey appears once my palate acclimates, along with a vegetal note, peppered strawberries and Chantilly cream.
A slightly sour grapefruit flavour tends to linger and shroud the sweeter notes, which a little bit of a shame as I’d prefer those to be more at the forefront and reflect the nose.

Finish: The mellow creamy note, together with mild black pepper and a little of the strawberry all last a medium amount of time.

Overall: Pretty nice. As I mentioned, the palate would have been more to my taste if it were a little sweeter, but that’s just my preferences. The nose is lovely and there are some very pleasant flavours swimming around.

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