Dràm Mòr Dailuaine 13yo 1st Fill Ruby Port 54.3% ABV


Finished in a First Fill Ruby Port Hogshead (#300711) and bottled at 54.3% ABV in 2023 this
13 years old is one of only 305 released from indy bottlers Dràm Mòr.

Appearance: Tizer orange. Lots of thick legs, teardrops and droplets. An oily film forms around the glass and coins for some time.

Nose: A decent level of alcohol. Honey, caramel, toffee apple and banana custard. There’s a confectionary icing sugar sweetness too.

Palate: A nice reassuring hit from the ABV. A nice semi-viscous mouthfeel accompanied by gentle spices and a jammy sweetness. Red apples, oranges, cherry, Parma Violets and blackberry all swirl around in a lovely sweet mélange of flavours.
There’s a little sweat meatiness lingering add well, like caramelised steak and BBQ sauce.
A touch of limoncello emerged after a while. It’s quite a fruit bowl of a dram.

Finish: The jam elements, pepper and apple all take a long time to fully disappear. There’s a slight drying at the very end, but it’s very mild.

Overall: I really like this one. It’s got all the elements I enjoy: jammy sweetness, a little spice and a good hit from the ABV

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