Dràm Mòr Macduff 9yo Refill Sherry Butt 58% ABV

Macduff 9yo Refill Sherry Butt (Dram Mor) 58% ABV

This single malt (cask #900047) was treated to 9 years of maturation in a refill sherry butt before bottling by Dràm Mòr & an outrun of 722 bottles.

Appearance: Lager amber/dark gold. A corrugated pattern of thick trails & film forms instantly upon swirling. A medium-heavy tide mark forms & morphs into large beads, which in turn morph into teardrops.

Nose: Ooh, this is different! Rich, chocolaty and indulgent. Cola SodaStream syrup, dried fruit and blackberries. I immediately very much like this nose!
There’s a beautiful balance on the nose of this one. I really like the layers and aroma profile. It smells ‘distinguished’.
The more I nose, the more the sweeter notes come through, as do the leather and possibly copper notes.

Palate: A lovely oily mouthfeel and an immediate chocolate and berry fix. Chocolate Torte with raspberries! A touch drying. This palate is superbly mellow, almost dangerously so, such an easy sipper for 58%.
A subtle ashy quality creeps in after a few sips, as does a build-up of black pepper and blood orange.

Finish: Short to medium in length. Bitter chocolate, copper, hot aniseed and blackberries.

Overall: A lovely nose and flavour profile. I really enjoyed the mellow side of this one. There’s a real depth and many layers to explore here.

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