Dramfool North British 30 years old Single Grain 48.2% ABV

Dramfool North British 30

The 30th release from Dramfool comes from Edinburgh’s largest distillery this Single Grain whisky was distilled in 1989 and matured for 30 years in a Bourbon cask until being bottled at cask strength and un-chill filtered in 2020 at 48.2% and yielded 182 bottles. Bottle 032 of 182.

Appearance: Pure summer honey/summer sunset. Oily, lots of wavy legs, all connected by the layer on the glass.

Nose: Cola syrup, forest aromas such as pine and damp leaves, stewed tea, brown sugar and caramel notes.
The ABV isn’t really noticeable, it noses in an almost delicate way, even though once you start to identify aromas there are some really robust ones swirling out of the glass.
After a while, a more tropical and confectionary side to the dram appears. Watermelon and a touch of pineapple cube sweets. Along with honey and chocolate.
As the glass empties it becomes very bourbon-like on the nose indeed. Heaps of caramel, Werthers Originals and slight cherry sweetness.

Palate: Not overly oily, that said there’s definitely a pleasant viscosity. The ABV is more evident on the palate, but still subtle.
Mint, leather, mild chilli, cola syrup and burnt sugar present themselves first.
The second sip reveals more of the confectionary sweet elements. Marshmallows, honey, cereal and maybe even Jaffa Cake orange jelly.
There’s also a chocolate quality that envelopes the other elements, adding a mellow sweetness.

Finish: Short to medium.
Chocolate, icing sugar, toffee, honey and a touch of sweet spice. Very pleasant and moreish.

Overall: A very well balanced and satisfying dram indeed. I’d buy a bottle if it were readily available.
It’s a sweet whisky which I like, but with an ever-present spice note and slight heat that gives it an extra ‘something’ that leaves you wanting more.

Sample very generously gifted to me by Scotty’s Drams,

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